Important Note:

During the current pandemic, we have altered significantly our Sunday gatherings. There is usually (during Level Orange or Red) still an in-person service at 10:30 am at the Dillon Cinema). This service is limited to 50 people. Masks are required.

Because we can’t have Sunday school classes, we are catering our Sunday morning in-person service a little bit to the kids. Our pastor is telling Bible stories in a way that both kids and adults can appreciate.

We also have a popular online service that is geared more towards adults and is available on both Facebook and YouTube.

Welcome to Immanuel Fellowship!

We are glad that you have chosen to take a few minutes to check us out. We are a nondenominational church located in Frisco, Colorado. Let me share a few things about us… then if you would like to know more, I encourage you to browse a little deeper through our website.

Foremost, we want to be a gospel-centered church that exalts our Lord Jesus Christ in all we do. We believe that the gospel brings about the supernatural new birth; produces a life with purpose, full of peace, joy, and love; and imparts power and fruitfulness to the disciple.

We are a multi-ethnic church (or international church), with people from various countries of the world, especially from Latin America and the United States. We provide translation in Spanish, and our worship and praise is done in English and Spanish. We thank the Lord for the diversity of cultures that are found in Immanuel Fellowship. We believe that God’s plan is for His Church to be made up of people from every nation and language… and that we should embrace that as much as possible even living here in Summit County!

We are also a multi-generational church. We believe that there is a richness in having people of all age groups. We can learn and be strengthened by each other. Most people who visit us immediately note all the children in our midst. And even though it may seem a little chaotic at times, we love our children and see them as some of the most precious gifts God has given us. Children, singles, young families, and those older in life are all welcome!

The format at Immanuel Fellowship is rather informal. The music and style is contemporary. The messages are Biblical and practical for living out the Christian life in today’s world.

We would love to have you visit us. Continue to browse through our website, and don’t hesitate to call us if you have more questions. 

Hope to see you soon!

Mike Phillips, Erick Luna, Bobby Ryan
Immanuel Fellowship