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About Jesus

Above all else, Immanuel Fellowship is about Jesus Christ. Jesus is who we worship. Jesus is who we follow and imitate. We have come to know God through Jesus. We believe He deserves our focus, our total trust, and our obedience. Our goal is to exalt Jesus in all we do and all we say.

Who is Jesus? Jesus has become the most loved person and the most hated person in history. There have been more books written about Him than any other person. Yet, there seems to still be confusion about who He is and how we are to respond to Him. At Immanuel Fellowship, we are constantly looking at what the Scriptures say about Jesus. We especially look at His call for us to follow Him. What does that mean for us here in the 21st century?

The Scriptures clearly state that Jesus is God. He was sent to earth for one primary purpose… to give humanity a Gift that would cleanse us from all our sins and give us eternal life. This Gift has transcended all cultural, economic, and generational barriers throughout history. The Gift is so immense and so great that everyone should feel compelled to really examine the claims of Jesus. One way to do this is to get involved here at Immanuel Fellowship. We welcome you, and are available to help find answers to your questions!

What to Expect at Our Sunday Celebration

Important Note: During the current pandemic, we have altered significantly our Sunday gatherings. There is usually (during Level Orange or Red) still an in-person service at 10:30 am at the Dillon Cinema). This service is limited to 50 people. Masks are required. We also have a popular online service that is available on both Facebook and YouTube.

The community we call Immanuel Fellowship gathers each Sunday morning to worship Jesus and to hear God’s Word. The format is informal. The dress is likewise informal. We think of ourselves as family, and we love to have others join us. You will probably notice that we have lots of children (we are very family-friendly), and that people are greeting one another. You will probably also notice people speaking other languages, especially Spanish. We are a multi-ethnic church and believe that such diversity has enriched us greatly. There will be translation going on during the message, and we even sing some songs in Spanish. If you do not know Spanish, that is okay. You can clap and just listen.

We usually begin with a time of worship and praise. Some times that is sprinkled with people from the congregation sharing something (a passage from the Bible, a short story, an impression they may have from the Lord). All the children are with us during this part of our gathering. Then, after the children go to their classes, someone will share a message from God’s Word. The messages are meant to be practical and help us live the Christian life to which we are called. We usually end around noon, and often share a meal together afterwards. You are welcome to stay for that! There are times, of course, when the order of wh{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“0cd07624-dc3d-4c6c-89e2-5c40884ee83d”],”srcRootClientId”:””}at we do will vary. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper about once a month.

Our Core Values

  • Our goal is to present every man and woman “complete in Christ” (Colossians 1:28). This begins as a person embraces, by repentance and faith, the power of the new birth that comes as he/she understands and receives the gift of salvation that has been provided by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  From that point a life-long commitment to discipleship to Jesus begins.
  • Discipleship that produces inner transformation is strengthened primarily through these spiritual disciplines:
    > Growing in knowing and understanding God’s Word
    > Developing a vital personal walk with God
    > Being in relationship within a local church, which is an expression of the larger Body of Christ.
  • The local church is not an organization, nor a building, nor a time slot on Sunday morning.  Rather it is a family, or community, where Christians learn to grow and serve and impact their world.
  • We believe that Christians grow strong as they pray. Prayer is powerful. Prayer, as individuals and as a church, impacts and changes lives, brings supernatural provision, breaks spiritual strongholds, binds the work of the devil, opens doors for the gospel, and brings revival to the nations of the world.
  • The life of discipleship includes growing in agape love and godliness.  The focus of much of our teaching and preaching and personal discipleship therefore will be on the development of godly character.  This does not happen as a result of “just trying harder” but by learning to live in the power of the life of Christ.  Knowing who we are in Christ and the “riches of His grace” empowers the Christian life.
  •  A healthy church is made up of strong families and singles.  Biblical principles of marriage and parenting are taught on a regular basis.
  • All believers are called to share their faith with those who have not fully embraced the gospel.  Because we believe that their eternal destiny is at stake, we feel there is an urgency to boldly share.
  • Furthermore, we believe that as a local church we have a calling to do our part to take the message of the gospel and make disciples.  We have a strong missions vision that includes planting churches and equipping workers among the nations.