Havest Convocation 2014:
Peoples on the Move & God's Work Among Them

God is in the process of “shuffling” the peoples of the world!   Who hasn’t noticed that there are many more immigrants here in this country than before?  Well, immigrant populations are springing up around the world!  In Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and here in the United States, there are major demographic shifts taking place.  This movement of peoples is bringing changes in our economic, political, and educational systems.  The social fabric of our societies is being altered.  As always, changes like these produce uncertainty, uneasiness, and frustration for many.  But we have to recognize that all this movement of immigrants among many nations is no coincidence!  God is orchestrating something bigger, wider, and more amazing than we could ever have anticipated.  Will we, the Church, embrace the opportunity that God has given us?

God is bringing people from some of the most unreached peoples of the world to places where the Church can reach them with the Gospel of the love of Christ. Research is showing that the immigrant populations of the world are some of the most spiritually open people.  We have a tremendous opportunity, but are we seizing it with the faith and diligence required?   The other side to this dynamic is that God is using some of these immigrant populations to bring blessing and spiritual truth to their host countries.  The Latino immigrants are especially equipped for this work, and they are already doing it in many places.

Some Christian leaders are suggesting that the key to revival in America, and perhaps in other places, such as  Europe and the Middle East, is through the immigrant communities.   This summer, in this Harvest Convocation, we want to look more closely at how God is at work among these “peoples on the move,” and how the Church can embrace her calling in “such a time as this.”

We will be sending  more detailed information about the Harvest Convocation within the next several weeks, including speakers, topics, and workshops.  But we want to make sure you save these dates!!  Write to let us know if you intend to join us!

Frisco, nestled high in the Colorado Rockies, is a great place to spend several days.  There are all sorts of lodging options available (hotels, condos, camping), along with a variety of restaurants and cafes.  And we are surrounded with recreational activities—from hiking and biking to rafting and climbing.

Peak 1 - Frisco


July 30 - August 1


Summit County Community Center 
83 Nancy's Place
Frisco, CO 80443

Registration for Harvest Convocation:  

$40 per person

Registration: We need to know who is coming. Please write us at immanuel7(at)comcast(dot)net . We can also answer any questions.

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